What Make Up Can Make You Look Younger?

There is one type of make-up that almost all women begin to crave when they start getting wrinkles and age lines – that’s any make-up that makes you look younger. But of course there is so much make-up out there, all purporting to have the effect of giving you dazzling young skin, who can you really trust. Here’s a list of make-up that’s worth buying to keep you looking young.

Anti-ageing eye shadow
One must-have is Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow which can reduce the signs of ageing around your eyes while also protecting skin from future damage. The eyes are one of the real give away, as lines start to form here very early. Buying a good anti-ageing eye shadow will do wonders for your look.

Lash-building mascara
Most mascara makes the appearance of building up your eyelashes by using gunky formulas to make it look like there is more volume. This is a bad way to go. Instead, you can use Shavata’s Extreme Volumising Mascara which gives great definition and colour naturally.

Skin-smoothing bronzer
The choice of the right bronzer is absolutely key. Bronzer can leave your skin dry thanks to its powdery base, so look for one that moisturises your skin such as Cargo Hydra Bronze. A hydrating bronzer leaves skin looking smooth and supple.

Moisturising base
Transparent foundation Glamour Shot, which comes from French brand Sampar, is an absolute life-saver in this department. It not only improves the look of skin but also smoothes out wrinkles as well. It contains oat extract and works by using lifting hyaluronic acid for moisturising, horse chestnut extract to tighten the pores and anti-inflammatories from oats to reduce redness.


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