How to Perform Three Amazing Ancient Chinese Exercises

When we talk about ancient Chinese principles, we’re really talking ancient. For 2000 years, the Chinese have had exercising and relaxation techniques that serve the very foundation of your wellbeing, and there must be something to it, as they’re still going strong today. Whether it’s self-massage, stretching, relaxation, breathing or strengthening techniques, ancient China have you covered for flexibility, body strength, calming the mind, joint pain and muscle pain relief, emotional balance, enhancing circulation, boosting cardiovascular health and more.

Eye rolling
You may have been told off for rolling your eyes in the past, but this is actually an excellent sign of complementary wellness. According to ancient Chinese medicine, eye strengthening exercises give you bright, lustrous eyes and a harmonious spirit. Simply roll your eyes clockwise 15-20 times, and then back the other way, increasing your speed as you go. You may look a bit mental, but this can relieve your sore eyes, improve your vision and wake you up in the morning if you do your exercises in bed.

The giraffe
If your neck has seen tauter days and you’re beginning to refer to your chin as a plural, it’s time to get stretching. Keeping your back straight, cover your lower lip with your top lip, inhale slowly through your nose and gently raise your chin until you’re looking straight up. After a second or two of holding your breath and that position, turn your head to look over your shoulder – remembering to keep your shoulders fixed and firm. Hold again for a few seconds, and then exhale and drop your head back towards your chest. Do this for 5-10 stretches on each side.

The shoulder roll
The basic qigong principles of a shoulder roll are that you keep the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, focus on your shoulders, and breathe through your nose. Standing up with your knees slightly bent, raise your arms at a 90 degree angle to the ground and roll your arms and shoulders to make small circles in the air. Do this in both directions, and then roll your shoulders with your arms down at your sides.


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