Student Life – How to Avoid the Dreaded STDs


After high school, education becomes a melting pot of good times and hard work. Money, whilst an issue, is not such a terrible burden as of yet and the libertarian lifestyle of being young, troubled and free is something of a blessing.


As is the drinking.


It seems almost obligatory that when the education begins, so does the crazy lifestyle of clubs, parties and drinking. It’s a great life – but of course, there are risks, particularly in the avenue of sex.


At the risk of sounding like an unpopular lecturer, the lessons of sexually transmitted disease are often not heeded – you hear the stories, but doubt that you will ever become a part of them. It’s hoped that you never do.


Nobody wants to wake up with a hangover and regrets. It tends to be general consensus that a rush hook-up – or even a rendezvous with your loved one – can sometimes lead to undesirable effects if you don’t take up the right methods to protect yourself. Drinking, as you know, leads to impulsive, bad judgement – and, if you’re too drunk to care, a lack of precaution from STDs.


If you are concerned, get your friend to keep an eye on you – and you on them, whether they’re having too many drinks, no precautions or being too pants-on-head silly. Friends don’t let friends do dangerous things.


This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t go out, have a few drinks and discover that everything is comfortable to lie on. We learn from the good things as we do the bad things.


University and college breaks are possibly the best pauses in student life, with less sober moments than others – but that doesn’t mean that you should ruin the good things by being irresponsible. After all, the good times are the ones that you remember.


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