Homeopathy Doesn’t Protect Against Measles

It’s a common misconception that homeopathy can help to prevent measles in children, but GP and Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston is urging homeopathy governing bodies to communicate the facts more clearly to parents that this will not protect their children. Many children were never vaccinated with the MMR vaccine, which includes protection from measles, mumps and rubella, due to a public health scare which linked autism and the injection. However, the distrust for the jab has meant that many parents have opted to rely on homeopathy to prevent the disease. This is unfounded though, with the majority of homeopathic treatments being predominantly water, meaning that numerous children are at risk of catching the disease.

This natural remedy for illness has been the foundation for so many parents’ belief that they can boost their child’s immune system without resorting to injections. But it could be doing more harm than good – the influence other parents have on your decision making can sometimes be overwhelming, leading you to avoid the injection despite medical advice to do otherwise. With so many rumours surrounding the health risks, you’re bound to be doubtful. Homeopathic remedies don’t protect against measles, so in relying on treatments which don’t have supporting proof of their effectiveness, you’re risking your child’s health.

It’s thought that there are currently about 700 cases of suspected measles in Wales, which is the largest outbreak since the triple injection was developed and rolled out in 1988. Researchers believe that around 40,000 children in Wales don’t have the MMR jab, so many children are at risk of contracting the illness. The outbreak has made many parents more aware of the risks, which has caused an influx in surgeries for vaccinations. In certain cases, the complications of severe measles or mumps can lead to viral meningitis – if you think your child may have symptoms, it’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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