Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Dancing with Age and Sex


If Sex and the City taught us anything, it is that girls just want to have fun.


No matter what age they are.


It is general consensus that the older you get, the less interest you have in bedroom fun. A common misconception, considering that the thoughts and feelings of an individual do not change over time – merely the priorities.


Age mentality is propagated with social signs, with advertisements blaring out how one should “age gracefully” or how one can “boost one’s sexiness”. It’s enough to bore your eyes out.


On a greater scale, the concept of age-expectations is also filled with this-and-thats. At eighteen years, you’re expected to either have a job or go through higher education. At a thirty-something, your mother is wondering why you haven’t had a baby shower yet and at fifty-something, you’re expected to go through the tedium of grandchildren – and the array of letters asking why you haven’t made a pension yet.


It is all down to expectation. As such, society considers sex to be a young woman’s dance. For men, there is something of a laxer approach, with the reputed “Silver Fox” considered to be the veterans of attraction. In modern times however, there is a rising acceptance of the Silver-Fox equivalent, where Cougars are considered to be the sexually-rife youngster in an older woman’s body.


Physicality is one of humanity’s greatest forms of intimacy. It is as natural as breathing and eating and as intense as gazing into a partner’s eyes. The fact that you are in your fifties should not change those desires. Social expectations should not define your desires – and, let’s face it, the modern world has shown that everyone can get excited about cats. It’s no longer the elderly lady’s eloquent form of fun.


It’s okay to discuss sex, whether you are with friends or with your partner. If you believe that it’s a physical issue, rather than an emotional one, then discussing it with your doctor is not a crime. No doubt they’ve seen uncomfortable stages of rear-side boils – they are not going to put you down simply because you want to be human. By our very nature, we are sexual beings.


You and your partner can take the time to seek help without embarrassment. There is no shame in having fun. If your partner is male and feels that it is his desire that is waning, a urologist may be able to help.


Just remember: If your doctor dismisses your concerns, then it is they that are at fault. Not you. Find another doctor!


Don’t let age-old conditioning and social put-downs throw you off. You are never too old to add a little excitement in your life.


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