Putting Pills Through Their Paces: Do they Really Work?

Some wellness experts claim that pills are better than creams for delaying the ageing process, as they work from the inside out and provide your body with essential nutrients. Others argue that a healthy, balanced diet is all you need, so who is right? Can anti-ageing beauty pills really turn the clock back?

Sian Agar, a 36 year-old science teacher from Hove, tested Seven Seas ilumina 30+ pills for a month. ‘I’ve been alarmed by the appearance of fine lines that have appeared under my eyes and across the top of my nose since giving birth, so I was glad to give these a go,’ she said. ‘There was no improvement to my wrinkles, but I did notice my skin was softer, maybe more oily. My hair became greasier (the tablets contain avocado, sunflower and safflower oils). I think taking them over a longer period might prevent more wrinkles from appearing but I probably won’t continue taking them as I dislike the feeling of greasy skin. Probably a great option for women with overly dry skin.’

South London resident Jo Reynolds, 43, is a part-time accountant who tested a month’s supply of Imedeen Time Perfection tablets. She commented, ‘I’ve noticed the dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles getting worse in the past few years so have been using eye creams religiously to try to improve things. Taking the pills was fine and I got no side effects but as yet I haven’t noticed much difference to the wrinkles, although I think the dark circles might have improved in the last week or so. I wouldn’t carry on taking the pills though as spending over £40 a month seems like an extravagance when I eat pretty healthily anyway.’

According to Jane Love, 49, a learning support worker from Basingstoke who tried Perfectil Platinum, ‘My skincare regime isn’t brilliant – I wash my face with soap, and I sometimes go to bed with make-up on. Popping a pill seemed like a great, hassle-free way to care for my skin. After a month of taking the tablets, I didn’t see any changes. Plus points were that no new wrinkles appeared, and although the tablets may provide vitamins and minerals I might be lacking, I probably won’t bother carrying on taking them. I might look into a liquid supplement as that seems more likely to benefit the skin.’

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