How to Get Back on the Career Ladder after Having Children

Boosting your corporate wellness is always important, but what happens if you take time out to have children? Doubtless, you’ll have certain concerns upon returning to work; are you good enough anymore? Will your kids cope without you? Let’s take a look at the challenges that face mothers who want to rejoin the workplace, and how you can overcome them.

Firstly, is your field of expertise fast-moving and ever-changing? If you work in an area such as IT, knowledge and programmes often become obsolete within a matter of months or a few years, and so you might need to make sure you’re up-to-date with industry developments before you start applying for jobs you’re no longer familiar with. It may also come in handy to network with those who work in your field, as the right contact could get you an interview, or even endorse you to a company once they know how good you are, and how hard you’re working to get up to speed.

However, an important thing to remember is to have realistic expectations. According to Priya Verma, co-founder of HR outsourcing firm Crossover, ‘Staying abreast of developments in one’s field, being confident and having realistic expectations on salary and designation are needed when returning,’ to the workplace.  That is not to say that you should lower your expectations to anything less than you deserve, but try to see the opportunities in all jobs, even if your first one back is just getting you a foot on the ladder.

A short-term course or internship may be just the thing you need to upgrade your skills, and would be something solid you can put on your CV to show prospective employers that you’re not too proud to put the work in, and improve. Taking on a course or internship can also refresh your memory of what it’s like to be in the workplace, and boost your confidence in going for more substantial roles once you’ve reacquainted yourself with the basics. Many programmes are geared towards mothers who are returning to work, and as such consist of flexible hours and peer support. Look online for more information.

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