4 Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Taking care of senior parents is a fulltime job for most people. Sending a parent off to a nursing home is not an acceptable option for many children. Fortunately, there are companies willing to take on the most important task that you will ever need to do. Consider 4 alternative ways to avoid using the services of nursing homes.

1. Low-Income Senior Housing
Subsidized housing is available to accommodate low-income individuals. Many senior citizens are living on low, fixed incomes, so they will benefit from these state and federal housing programs. They have plenty of local apartments to single family houses to choose from and can choose to live in communities that cater to seniors. 

2. Adult Daycare
An adult daycare is the place where seniors stay to be monitored throughout the day. They can socialize with other people their own age and receive the proper supervision they need. At night, your parent can act more independently at home. The staff is well-trained to handle medical emergencies, if necessary.

3. Home Healthcare Aide
Getting quality healthcare for your parent does not have to involve leaving the house. Having an aide around is the same as having a live-in nurse. Find a professional to stay with your parent for as long as you need his or her services. 

Companies like EEOICPA Home Health Care has services for the concerned children of seniors. There are many places where you will find home healthcare aides, but you cannot rely on name and reputation alone. Make sure that the company you choose has the right aides to suit your parent’s personal needs.

4. Assisted Living
Assisted living is the option for seniors who are almost fully independent. They pay the bills around the house, but they still need some help with basic needs, such as cleaning, bathing, cooking and going on errands. With the help of an assisted living aide, your parent retains his or her independence and self-confidence. 

When identifying healthcare solutions for your aging parents, it’s vital to strike a balance between financial capabilities and the wellbeing of the patient. Keep in mind that your loved ones desire to preserve, as much as possible, their dignity, independence, and sense of value and contribution. Keep the golden rule in mind whenever determining which solution is right for your family. Nobody wants to feel forgotten.

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