Raising Cultured Kids: Enjoying Fine Arts

The introduction of fine arts into a child’s life can host a number of benefits from creativity to discipline. By sharing the love of drawing or painting pictures with your child, they’ll be allowed to develop their own unique methods of artistic pleasure from what they perceive in their mind. The fine arts can also encourage them to write, play music and develop a sense of accomplishment by producing material with depth.


Take Baby Steps

You can introduce the fine arts to your child by having them go with a theme that relates to their interests. If your child is fascinated by bold and brilliant prints, you can go online to the various artwork sites and have them pick out artwork for sale that they would like to hang in their room. A child who is fond of the ballet or flowers can find something spellbinding that catches their interest. You can also include other popular prints, so they can see the various styles and methods of painting.


Set Creative Time at Home

Whether your child loves to draw, paint or play music, you can set aside creative time at home each day. Dependent on their interests, you can dedicate a room in the home that allows them to put forth their efforts without being reprimanded for making a mess or exhibiting too much noise. You can also vary the activities, so they can get a chance to determine where their passions may lie.


Join a Group

The fine arts can build friendships when you sign your child up for group classes. If your child shows an interest in a pottery or painting classes, they may find it exhilarating to bounce ideas off other children in the group on how to make certain pieces.


Discipline and Respect

In order to succeed at what they love to do, your child will learn self-discipline and respect from the fine arts by practicing their muse. Artistic projects such as playing a musical instrument, drawing and painting can only get better with hard work and dedication.


Start Early

You can incorporate the fine arts into your child’s life as early as infancy. You’ll find an assortment of infant toys and gadgets that can introduce musical instruments, composers, colors, different languages, artistic projects and sounds into their lives early on through fun and entertaining forms of learning practices. Many of today’s well-known musicians and artists were exposed to the fine arts at an early age, and the impression it made lasted a lifetime. You can also take your child to various museums, art institutes and festivals to expose them to the various cultures.


Your local museum, musical soundstage and art shows will have a wide selection of offerings that can benefit a child when you expose it to them early on in life. A child with artistic tastes will also be well-rounded both intellectually and socially. You can make this a regular occurrence, so they can find pleasure from it during excursions and outings. It can also benefit them by choosing a rewarding career where they can display their talents as adults.



Writer Melanie Fleury takes her children to museums on a monthly basis in hopes that they will learn to love artwork, artifacts and education. She has found that using websites like Artismo’s, that offer artwork for sale is also a great activity to do after a visit to the art museum to keep the love of fine arts continuing at home.



Photo Credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgroup/4508189985/

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