Putting Youth Back into the Golden Age

When you enter the golden years of life, you are often reminded of the downsides ricocheting its way into bones, muscles and metabolism, with the additional rounds of those around you prompted to treating you like a toddler. At the back of your mind, you may be thinking that it’s all that you have to look forward to, apart from sitting and resting for a good portion of your day – but the age-old stereotype is last-season for a reason – and it’s time to put that youth back into your lifestyle.

You don’t have to submit yourself to the problems of age. In fact, by being positive and active, you are in fact benefiting yourself, rather than wearing yourself out, with a couple of check-ups here and there.

Tiny tweaks in lifestyle are usually all that you need.

The first is your diet. Usually as you grow older, you normally don’t feel the need to eat a big meal. As your metabolism hits a low point, so too does your desire to eat food. This isn’t to say that you should stuff your face full, but plan at least four to five small meals to be eaten throughout the day. Having a low-fat diet that is high in fruits, vegetables and lean meats will help nourish the body, while adding in whole grains and fibre-rich foods to keep your body ticking away properly.

The second is exercise. This isn’t to say that you have to hop onto a treadmill and work yourself into exhaustion. A 30 minute walk gets you the best exercise that you can manage, which in turn can help you improve your cardiovascular health, regulate diabetes, strengthen muscles and lower stress levels.

Thirdly, keep your mind active through hobbies, thinking games – whatever takes your fancy. Age should not be an obstacle in trying something new. Creating and reading are excellent ways to keep the grey matter ticking.

Whatever you try, it is better than sitting and waiting. You are not the frail person that you think that you might be. You are still you, through and through.

After all, no matter what your age is, we were all young once.

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