How Can You Treat Eye Diseases With Ayurveda?

The world’s first ophthalmic hospital to use Ayurveda to treat its patients could open up a whole new avenue of treatment for eye diseases. The Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Research centre near Kochi have stated that they can cure many eye diseases without the need for surgery, which could help people opt for a more natural and less invasive treatment for certain conditions. Ayurvedic methods are generally associated with digestive or stress related ailments, and until now there have been no medicinal studies within this field – the hospital is pioneering a new wave of treatments for eye diseases which could benefit millions of people.

Kerala has thousands of people each year, both Indians and tourists, in search of ayurvedic treatments, but few are aware of the advancements into ophthalmology. Eye diseases are common in today’s society, as we spend far more time working on computers, eating poor diets and lacking in sleep. This puts too much strain on our eyes, so they become more susceptible to disease. Other aspects of our society which increase the risk include watching TV for long hours, incorrect head positions whilst lying on bed, sneezing heavily, reading small print in magazines or on our phones throughout the day, and even an overindulgence in sex!

Many of the diseases diagnosed in the hospital are treatable simply, without the use of surgery. The hospital was set up in 1999 with just five beds, and has grown to 350 beds and more than 200 patients each day. There are 16 clinics in Kerala, as well as others elsewhere in India, such as Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. If eye diseases are detected early they are easy to treat – if this is the case, Ayurveda can help to strengthen the nervous system and prevent the optic nerves from deteriorating. The success of the hospital offers new hope for the future of ophthalmology.

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