How To Boost Your Popularity At Work

When it comes to the workplace, how popular do you think you are? Perhaps you’re the first person people turn to for advice. Or maybe you’re the one everyone relies on for the latest gossip. Or perhaps you believe that being successful at work sometimes means being unpopular – particularly if you have to put yourself first in order to get ahead. But the truth is, if you can make good friendships in the workplace, work instantly becomes more enjoyable. And often the people who are well liked and popular go on to be those who are promoted.

If you’d like to be more popular at work, where do you start? If you work for a large organisation, it can be particularly difficult to make friends. And if you’re relatively new, it can take time to build your popularity. However there are some things you can try to boost your popularity at work and form strong relationships with your colleagues. Here are some ideas:

Ask Questions A great way to get to know people is by asking questions. If your workmates mention a particular hobby they enjoy you can make a mental note to ask them how it’s going at a later date.

Avoid Gossip It’s all too easy to get drawn into office gossip but not only is talking about your workmates behind their back unprofessional, being known as a gossip makes it difficult for your workmates to trust you. If you find office chats often turn to gossip, either try to change the subject or make an excuse to leave the conversation.

Offer Help If you see that a colleague is struggling with a particular task, or is simply overwhelmed by their workload, offer to help. People will remember your kindness and will often return the favour in the future.

Bring Treats If you’re looking for a speedy way to boost your popularity at work, bring goodies for your colleagues to share. It may sound superficial, but sharing food has always been a way of showing people that you care and food really does bring people together. This is a great trick to try if you are shy, as it doesn’t rely on you having to initiate conversations with all of your workmates. Simply bring in a homemade cake or shop-bought cookies for everyone to share and it provides a great reason for your colleagues to chat to you.

Stay Cheerful Even if you’re busy or having a bad day, take the time to say good morning to your colleagues. And if you’re feeling stressed, don’t take it out on your workmates – chances are they are under pressure too so always greet people with a smile.

Be Sociable Spending time with your colleagues outside of work hours is a great way to increase your popularity – particularly if work pressures mean you don’t always get the chance to chat in the office. Regularly accept invitations for after-work drinks or parties – or suggest your own after-hours activities. And if people invite you to join them for lunch, take them up on the offer. It’s a great opportunity to let your workmates get to know you better.

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