Braces Aren’t Just For Kids!

Many adults feel they are too old for braces, but investing in the state of your teeth might make an enormous difference to your self-esteem. Dr Sameer Patel, a dental expert, says, “We see a huge number of patients ranging from young children to people in their 70s-80s, so it is definitely never too late to undergo dental and orthodontic treatment if your smile is something that concerns you. Not only will a straight white smile boost your confidence, taking care of your oral health and investing in your teeth will lead to a huge saving later on in life. We see many patients who’ve suffered with inflammation of the gums, degradation of the bone surrounding the teeth, and even premature loss of teeth, as a result of bacterial build-up on the teeth and gums, which could have been avoided with earlier treatment. Teeth which are tightly packed together – resulting in crookedness or protrusion – only tend to get worse, so a proactive role of considering braces will reduce the problem later in life as well as minimising decay and gum problems.” Many people worry about wearing a brace and feeling self-conscious, but Dr Patel adds, “It’s worth noting that orthodontics has grown over 10% year-on-year in recent times – not only for the younger generation but the older generations, too. Most patients are pleasantly surprised to find that others are simply curious as to the process and will even wish that they had undergone similar treatment themselves! What’s more, with the existence of lingual braces (which sit behind your teeth), Invisalign aligners (the ‘invisible brace’) and SureSmile (which reduces treatment time by 6-9 months), there are now more options than ever before which are ultra-discreet. At any stage in life, oral wellbeing and the increased confidence of a lovely smile can be priceless!”.

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