Look After Your Mouth To Live Longer

Did you know that mouth inflammation increases your family’s risk of numerous health problems?  

According to dentists, people are often surprised when they discover that the mouth plays such an integral role in their general health. Many diseases are linked to the presence of (often hidden) inflammation in the mouth so it’s important to have an oral hygiene routine – toothbrushing, inter-dental cleaning, mouthwashes and toothpastes – and know the role that each of these can have. The way dental treatments such as fillings, implants, root treatments, crowns, hygienist care and fitting dentures are carried out can also have positive and negative effects on your general health.

For family members with diabetes, mouth care is especially important – not only does inflammation make it harder to control blood sugar levels, but diabetes itself increases the risk of mouth inflammation, creating a vicious circle that increases the chance of dry mouth, tooth decay, oral thrush and gum disease. In fact, having diabetes doubles your likelihood of having gum disease, and any worsening of gum disease in someone with diabetes can be an indicator that kidney failure may follow. There is substantial scientific evidence that dentists can have a positive impact not only on the early diagnosis of diabetes and the control of it once it is diagnosed. By reducing incidence of inflammation in the mouth, we can have a role in reducing the risk of people getting the condition in the first place.

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