How Children Show They Care

Every child loves their parents instinctively almost from the moment they’re born, but it’s sometimes easy to take those little signs of love for granted, especially during those more trying moments with your child. Here are seven ways your child shows they love you.

Tantrum time Your child might appear to hate you when they’re throwing a tantrum but, very often, it’s because they’re hurt or angry because of something you’ve said or done. If they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t care enough to get so upset!

A gift of love Has your child ever given you a flower from the garden or drawn a picture of you as a family? This is their way of saying you and your family are special.

Homewrecker Have you noticed your child being more co-operative around the house? Perhaps he or she has broken something or made a mess trying to surprise you by doing a chore that they aren’t really ready for yet. Don’t scold or criticise. They’re just trying to impress you.

Love hurts When your child hurts himself or feels sad, they come to you first. A clear message that they trust you to take care of them.

New love Even a newborn is capable of love. Guess what your baby is saying when it looks into your eyes?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder Even in the first year, your child will become visibly upset when you leave the room and smile when you re-enter. They missed you!

Little secrets When your child whispers a secret in your ear, they’re saying you’re their confidante. And sometimes, secrets come with hugs!

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