Smarten Up The Home Routine

If you want to introduce healthy changes into your family, start with the school time routine of your kids. Here are a few tips on how you could make smart changes:

Exercise. Encourage your children to walk or cycle to school instead of dropping them in the family car or letting them take the school bus.

10-minute activities. Add short bursts of physical activity – like 10-minute activities into the daily routine of your kids and slowly increase it to meet the goal of one hour every day.

Shorter screen time. Gradually, limit the screen time that the kids enjoy (it includes television, computer, tablet or a video game) and replace it with a fun activity – like cooking or gardening etc.

Healthy treats. Encourage the kids to swap unhealthy treats for healthier alternatives. Making them fun would need creativity on your part. You could involve the kids in it too.

Hearty breakfast and a super lunch. Ensure that the kids have a healthy sumptuous breakfast, which will help them keep going through the school day. Along with quick and tasty lunches, it should keep the kids away from junk food and sugar overload.

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