Exercise Dos & Don’ts

Stay fit and healthy with your workout routine by being mindful of a few Dos and Don’ts:

Do get an Ok from your doctor.

It’s always sensible to check with your physician and let him or her know that you’re going to start on an exercise programme, especially as you get older. Another important thing is to have a musculoskeletal exam to make sure that your joints and muscles are working well and it’s ok to apply pressure on your body. If you have any medical condition, talk to the gym trainers about it beforehand.

Do get a qualified personal trainer.

Make sure you have qualified, competent personnel working with you and that your trainer is not just a fitness enthusiast himself but has a formal education in exercise science.

Do vary your workouts.

You need to alternate among light workouts, moderate workouts and heavy workouts. If you don’t vary your workouts, they get boring. Exposing the body to different types of workouts will stimulate optimal development of bone, muscle and other tissues.

Don’t do too much at once.

Start slow. If you’re starting off without any training, sometimes you have to get in shape in order to train.

Don’t expect results right away.

Results will not be instant. And remember, every person is different but, typically, you will start to see improvements only after a few weeks.

Don’t overdo it.

The younger enthusiasts are very aggressive, especially young men. But there’s a rule of thumb: If you’re excessively sore, you’ve probably done too much, too soon. If getting out of bed is impossible the next day, back off and listen to your body.

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