How To Rekindle Your Relationship On A Romantic Holiday

Going on holiday with a long term partner is a daunting experience for many people, as when you live a busy life, you’re not used to spending time relaxing and having fun as a couple anymore. Children, stress, work and everyday problems create many barriers between your romantic and emotional needs, often leaving relationships distant and dreary, forever arguing about trivia instead of enjoying intimate moments together.

It’s important to have a relationship detox before embarking on your trip because this way, precious holiday time will not be wasted reconnecting, you will already be prepared for some sun, sand and Sangria. Here are seven top tips to detox your everyday routines in preparation for a romantic relaxing holiday relationship with your other half.

  1. Find time for a body make over, like waxing, nails, hair do and diet. Looking good in your bikini will help make you feel good in the bedroom, which will immediately encourage intimate fun together. When preparation meets opportunity, you get luck!
  2. Make sure you talk or have a couple of romantic dates alone before the holiday, so you can plan and get excited about spending much-needed quality time together.
  3. If you have small children, make sure the holiday you choose has childcare and babysitting services, so at least a couple of romantic nights alone are possible. If the kids are grown up, plan some fun things to do together before you leave for the trip, this will get you excited and in the holiday mood.
  4. Take a pack of cards or some games like Scrabble or Monopoly to encourage game play and fun as you get used to being alone again without everyday stress getting in the way.
  5. Plan some long walks on the beach, or enjoy a glass of wine under the stars. Hold hands, kiss and cuddle. Sometimes, when you’re busy, you forget to be young, free and inhibited (how about skinny dipping together?)
  6. Laugh, relax and remember you are on holiday, not tied to the kitchen sink, and suggest sharing the holiday chores before you leave – it’s your break, too.
  7. Have some good sex and rekindle your intimate relationship before your holiday begins, this connection will make sure you are close and happy during the trip.

If done right, romantic holidays can be the best for a relationship. What better time, then, to steal away with the love of your life? No question, while family time is important, such a holiday can also mean getting a chance to celebrate or rekindle your love and appreciation for each other.

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