Keeping The Love Alive After Kids

Most couples find that their sex life usually gets back to normal a couple of months after having their first child, but when kid number two comes along, that isn’t always the case. A second child can drastically change the dynamic in the household, increasing stress and fatigue in both parents and, as a result, your sex life can suffer.

The problem with the second child is that the first one is usually old enough to be more independent – in other words, they’ve become a handful. As a result, many couples separate caring duties. Typically, mum will care for baby while father looks after the older child. So how do you go about maintaining a healthy sex life (and loving relationship) when you both spend so much time apart?

Be creative Revisit the early years of your relationship. If a babysitter or grandparent comes round occasionally, use that time wisely. Take the car out to a secluded location, for instance.

Touch You may both be too tired for sex after a day’s work and caring for children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate. Touching, kisses, or just stroking your partner’s hair shows affection and can lead to something more physical.

Be spontaneous Don’t get in a rut. Make love when you do have the energy or the time. The living room couch can be just as exciting as the bedroom.

Take a break It’s okay to take time off from sex. Just make sure it isn’t a permanent gap in your life. Discuss how you feel with your partner and mutually agree a cessation of sexual activities. Just make sure you agree on a date when you can start falling in love all over again.

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