How to Improve the Way You Start and End Your Day

Better wellness is an admirable goal, but why does it have to be so complicated? With superfoods, supplements and strict diet and exercise fads, you can be put off the whole thing before you even get started. However, if you make just a few small complementary changes and commitments to taking care of your health and wellbeing, you can simply and easily start to naturally detox your body, shed your weight, and feel great.

Firstly, start your day with water and lemon. A healthy metabolism begins with good digestion, and good digestion begins with an acidic stomach. If you add lemon to your – preferably room temperature – water, you will help to prepare your digestion for breakfast, as well as quenching your thirst, warding off your cravings and providing your body with a dose of immune system-boosting vitamin C. Remember to keep drinking water throughout the day!

However, it’s not just about starting your day right, but ending it right too by eating dinner before 8pm. Your body has a natural body clock with which you need to be in sync. Traditional Chinese medicine states that the best time of day to eat dinner is between 5pm and 7pm, so that your body has adequate time to digest before you go to sleep. At night, your body works to replenish and heal all of your organ systems, so giving it extra tasks – like digesting – makes your body less effective all-around. So, eat before 8pm and you will wake up feeling refreshed and balanced.

When you’re having your earlier dinner (or eating at any time for that matter) slow down and chew. The time it takes for your food to travel from the mouth to the stomach is approximately six minutes. Bearing this fun fact in mind, under-chewing and rushing your food will make it almost inevitable that you’ll overeat before you realise you have. Therefore, eating slowly is an easy way to control your portions, and lose weight. Also, eating quickly often indicates emotional wellness problems, such as anxiety and stress. Take control of your stress levels, no matter how low or high they may be, and you will speed up your metabolism and lose weight.


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