Unlucky in Love? Try Changing your Type

Are you struggling to find Mr or Ms Right? Perhaps you’ve tried online dating or endured blind dates arranged by well-meaning friends but have yet to find ‘the one’?

If you’re constantly meeting potential partners but forever finding they’re not right for you, you could be chasing the wrong type.

It’s common to have a pre-determined idea of what you want in a long-term partner. Maybe you are always attracted to people with a certain physique or hair colour. Perhaps you have firm ideas about the type of character you find attractive – a professional, a high-achiever or a creative type. But the thing is that love is often found in unexpected places so perhaps you need to be more flexible when it comes to assessing potential partners.

The problem with having a ‘type’ is that you are drastically cutting down the number of people you are prepared to give a chance. For example, if you’re convinced that you only want to date vegetarian creatives, you are potentially ruling out a large chunk of the population. The other problem with having a ‘type’ is that you could be wrong. For example, many people believe they are attracted to rebellious ‘bad boy’ or ‘wild girl’ types, only to find that when it comes to settling down, they are actually better suited to a more dependable partner.

So if you feel you’ve been unlucky in love, try breaking your own rules when it comes to dating. Look beyond your immediate social circle and be more flexible on your online dating criteria. Who knows who you might meet?

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