Make The Most Of Every Day

Life is wonderful. Being mindful of that ensures you get the most from every day, which, in turn, can boost your emotional wellness and make you feel happier. Here are a few ways you can do that.

It’s the start of another great day

Many people dread mornings. Make sure you go to bed early enough to get enough sleep and get up with plenty of time before starting work. Instead of checking email as soon as you rise, take a walk and make a plan in your head for a great day.

Commuting can be a good thing

Commuting might seem like a horrible waste of time, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you walk, bus, or even drive, you can still use that time for self-development. There are many podcasts and audiobooks that can help with inspiring hobbies, or educational interests.

Be mindful

Mindfulness is something to practice every day. Breathe in for three seconds, hold it for three and breathe out for three seconds through you nose and focus on what’s going on around you and in your life. This will help you stay grounded in times of stress.

Acknowledge people

Be mindful of your work colleagues and other people you interact with regularly during the day. That’s the way to build positive, harmonious relationships. Pay compliments, whether it’s for a job well done in the office, or the person who serves your coffee in the café.

Live at lunchtime

Don’t eat lunch at your desk. See lunch as a motivation for your morning tasks and plan to do something with it. Go for a walk, a quick gym session, or if there’s an art gallery or museum nearby, take a sandwich with you. Recharge your batteries for the afternoon ahead.

Check in with family and friends

If you do get a lull in work, take the time to catch up with family or friends. A quick call to say hello is great for building relationships or even planning something special at the weekend to give you something to look forward to.

Switch off

At the end of the day, turn off from work. Switch off electronics during your evening meal and at least half an hour before bedtime. Before going to sleep, think about your day and write down three things to be grateful for. By doing so, you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to what every new day brings.

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