Sexy Space: Make Your Bedroom Décor Work For You

Your home should tell a story of who you are and who and what you love – especially your bedroom. More sleep and more sex? Yes, please! Your bedroom is one of the most important places for your physical and emotional wellbeing. The state of your bedroom can have an influence on your sex drive. If you have piles of dirty clothes strewn around, stale, crumpled sheets and all kinds of clutter in there, things are not going to be conducive to feeling sexy. Here are some top tips to add sex appeal to your bedroom space.


Your bedroom is not a dumping ground for all kinds of knickknacks that attract dust. If you don’t use them, get rid of them. You might be a clotheshorse but keeping piles after piles of dresses or clothes that you haven’t touched for over five years means that you need to get rid of them. The same goes for shoes, bags and other accessories. Donate or bin them.

Clean up the mess

Clothes lying on the floor, wardrobes so full the doors won’t close, dust on shelves…nothing is less sexy than a room that looks like it’s been bombed or ransacked. Make the bed, put away the clothes lying on the floor and do your laundry regularly. Change the curtains and upholstery if you keep single or double seat sofas or chairs in the room too. If you have a carpet on the floor, make sure it’s reasonably clean. Vacuum regularly. When you ensure that your bedroom doesn’t resemble a pigsty, you can bring back sexy into the bedroom.

Add colour

Colour can be used to create a romantic vibe in a bedroom. Here are some of the colours that help:

  • A warm orange creates an amorous vibe in your bedroom.

Incorporating specific colours in your bedroom is a great way to spice up the space. Deep, warm tones like, burgundy and ochre add some romantic flair without being too obvious. If you have a neutral bedspread, you can also opt for more vivid shades like greens and turquoise to brighten up the bed.

  • Shades of plum and purple have a soothing, comforting quality to them.
  • Deep blues, especially for those who live in warm climate, have their special appeal. Since blue has long been associated with feelings of calmness, the colour also helps people chill out before falling asleep. Blue is also said to help reduce blood pressure and heart rate for more sound sleep. It should be especially conducive for cuddling.
  • Warm yellow relaxes the body by stimulating the nervous system and calming the nerves. A study by the Edinburgh Sleep Centre found that couples in bedrooms with a caramel decor scheme have sex, on average, three times per week.

Pick the right lighting

Bright lights can detract from the ambience and can be an instant turn-off. Lighting in the bedroom should be soft and filtered. Go for mood lighting and make sure all bulbs are dimmable.

Set the mood with curtains

The right curtains can block out unwanted light and distraction. They can also add a layer of warmth to the room and prolong cozy, night feeling.

Buy soft sheets

High quality linen sets make for a sexier bedroom experience. They feel more luxurious and layers of fluffy down duvets, comforters or cozy blankets create a romantic feel.

Include music options

Soft love music is one of the easiest ways to elevate your mood. Use a bedside sound system to play your favourite romantic music.

Add fragrance

Add fragrance with some aromatic candles or essential oils. Send calming or sensual scents throughout the bedroom and choose a scent that both of you like.


Adding fresh flowers or a few carefully selected items to your end tables or shelves increases the romantic vibe.

Try not to have the home office in the bedroom

If possible create a study area outside the bedroom for your home office. If you have no option but to have it in your bedroom, make sure all your work-related communication is switched off. You don’t want a client or a boss calling you when you are trying to have some creative fun in your life with your loved one.

Exercise equipment

Some would think a bulky treadmill was a put off but there could be others who would look at it as impressive because that means you take care of your body!

Of course there could be those who don’t care how you live and the décor of your bedroom. They would be simply happy to spend time with you, both in bed and outside it. Ultimately, it just depends on what kind of partner you have.

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