Six Wacky Ways to Lose Weight

Back in the day, people were always kept slim by the simple nature of the food they ate and the fact that there was no practical means of transport so most people walked everywhere. However, as the years have progressed and technology has moved forward we have increasingly led more sedentary lifestyles. When you combine this fact with the availability of cheap foods that are very high in fats and sugars, it’s no surprise that the natural shape of many people is becoming somewhat more doughy.


But these days some people will do just about anything to lose weight. It seems to be a part of life that is utterly consuming for those who desire weight loss. Whether it is through crazy fad diets, extreme exercise routines or drugs that promise weight loss, there is almost a limitless number of lengths that people will go in their attempts to achieve a slim and sleek physique. So we’ve compiled a list of the six strangest ways that people have used to attempt to lose weight.


Karaoke yoga

It might not seem like a winning combination but karaoke yoga became a very popular way to attempt weight loss in the area of Los Angeles in California, where it was invented by blue-sky thinking yoga teacher Jennifer Pastiloff. With a DJ and lyrics that flash up on the screen, you’re encouraged to sing-a-long to your favourite songs whilst practicing the ancient art of yoga. The logic behind it appears to be the long exhales of singing promoting breathing techniques and making it a more fun atmosphere.


Fat-melting machines

By the 1950s, fat-melting machines had become truly a big thing. The idea was a concept that sounds very good on paper – a way to lose weight without having to do any work yourself. Vibrating belts would jiggle your body to stimulate your muscles and this would help you to lose weight. It sounds a bit like nonsense and there has no solid evidence to suggest that it actually works. But funnily enough the concept is still around today. In the place of belts is a vibrating platform that promises to help you burn calories and lose weight.


Fake surfing

Fake surfing utilises a piece of equipment that functions as a fake surfboard, allowing you to ride the waves from the comfort of your gymnasium. The workout itself seems to be fairly good – you do a variety of exercises and movements – but swapping the thrill of the waves for a fake version just feels a bit of a shame.


The 50 Shapes of Grey

Capitalising on the success of the dreadful soft-core porn novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the fitness expert Kristen James compiled a list of 50 workout that are apparently based on it. The routine promises to improve not only your stamina and strength, but your sex life too.


The Sauna Suit

One method that was hoped to promote weight loss was the sauna suit. Sauna suits are made from a non-breathing material that was designed to make you sweat more while in the sauna or during a workout. Unfortunately, the main effect was that it caused people simply to become dehydrated very quickly from excessive sweating. Also, as they were generally silver, they made you look like a roast chicken.


Stiletto calisthenics

Stiletto calisthenics combine the concepts of working out and high-heels. They might not seem like the ideal combination but it was certainly thought to be a new way to get women working out. Supposedly being an ideal workout for your legs – especially if you already wear stilettos on a regular basis – it was briefly very popular.

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