The Top Four Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Are you someone who wants to lose weight? It’s probably true that more people than not feel like they could stand to lose weight and slim down with a diet or a fitness regime. There are literally thousands of plans out there, ranging from celebrities spilling their fantastic weight loss secrets, to famous diets like the Atkins diet, that promise the perfect way to lose weight, tone up and get the body that you crave. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? But given how many people still want to lose weight, despite the presence of all these supposed miracle cures, it seems that actually, they cannot be relied upon to produce the results that you are looking for.


So in the face of failing diets and forgotten fitness regimes, we need to look for a new method that will work in the short and long term. Unfortunately, most diets seem to rely on cutting out the food that you love and encouraging a draconian fitness regimen that virtually no-one can stick to. That can leave us asking the question – is there really any sensible way to lose weight and keep the weight off? The truth is that there is, but they involve genuine changes in your lifestyle that you need to stick to, rather than short term crash diets that will just leave you feeling unwell and unable to continue the weight loss. Here are our top four lifestyle changes that will have you slimming down on no time.


Lifestyle Change 1: Don’t eat after 7pm

Food digestion is very hard work for your body, breaking down the food into material that is useful for the organs of the body is a complicated process. The problem is that while the body is focussed on breaking down the food it can’t do many of the other processes that are very important to it. When you go to bed with a full stomach you are actually hampering the natural metabolism of the body at night. This means that if you go to bed not long after you’ve eaten, you’ll actually store a lot of the fat in the food, rather than using it as energy.


Lifestyle Change 2: Eat Five Small Meals Per Day

Most people find themselves in the habit of eating three large meals a day. This is something that many of us are accustomed to, but it might not be the best thing for our body. Eating smaller meals makes digestion easier for our bodies and also promotes a fast metabolism. The fact that we are eating at shorter intervals also means that you are less likely to get very hungry during the day and binge on junk food.


Lifestyle Change 3: Eating a healthy breakfast with a good source of protein

It is important to get a good breakfast as one of your daily meals; that is well known, but just as important is getting a good source of protein in on that breakfast. Eggs are a great choice but you could also go for something like lean meats such as turkey or a protein-rich spread like peanut butter. Avoid cereals as these break down quickly and leave you feeling hungrier sooner.


Lifestyle Change 4: Avoid sugar and refined carbs

It might seem like something that is obvious and found in every single diet ever. But removing sugar and refined carbs from what you eat will speed up your metabolism as well as taking down the amount of calories that you eat during the day. This is only a good thing for your weight loss.

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