Kickass Yoga: Get those Glutes in Gear with this Routine

As you get older, those cheeks (and we’re not talking about the ones you put blusher on) tend to grow and sag, which can be a real party pooper to your sense of wellbeing. A wobbly bottom is hardly anyone’s idea of a sexy, self-confidence boost, but yoga can be the answer you seek. Not only is this fitness regime good for physical, mental and spiritual wellness, but the right routine can take the gluttony out of those glutes!


1. The side jab: This bum-burning move will work all three of your gluteal muscles. Starting in a tabletop position (hands directly under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips) inhale and extend your right leg back so that your heel is in line with the hip. As you hug the thighbone into your hip joint, press through the heel and draw your belly button towards the spine. While you’re doing this, you should keep your hips level and your core strong. Then, exhale and move your leg as far to the right as possible. Breathe in again as you draw your leg back to the centre, and then repeat this movement 10 to 12 times with each leg.


2. Downward-facing dog leg pumps: This move is great for your core and gluteus medius, as well as giving your body more energy. Again, you start in the tabletop position, but this time you walk your knees and feet back five or six inches and tuck your toes under so you are on the balls of the feet. Breathe out and lift your sitting bones up so that your body is in a V shape, or the downward-facing dog pose. Breathing in, try to lift your right leg as high as you can, pointing your toes away from you. Once your leg is up there, try to separate your little toe from the others, as this engages all the muscles in your leg and bum. Make tiny pumps with your right foot 16 to 24 times before you exhale and return to downward facing dog, in order to repeat on the left side. Remember, throughout this movement you should keep your shoulders level and hug your belly button towards your spine.


3. Warrior II flow: If you want to sculpt your buttocks and thighs and gently open your hips, this is the exercise for you. Stand with your feet spread four inches out from your hips and parallel. Inhale and pivot your right foot 90 degrees and begin to bend your right knee so that it ends up directly over the ankle. Breathe in and reach your arms over your head, and then bring them into a “T” shape parallel to the floor as you breathe out and gaze over your right middle finger. You are now in the Warrior II pose. From here, externally rotate your thigh bone so that your right knee comes towards the pinky-toe side of your foot. Inhaling, straighten through your right leg by firmly pressing the foot down and squeezing your kneecap up, and reach your hands overhead and look up. Then exhale and return to Warrior II, repeating the movement eight to 10 times on each side.


4. Muffin-top melter: This final pose is a challenging pulse yoga move that helps to strengthen your legs, hips and lower back. Start out by sitting with your legs out in front of you, and bend your left and right knees so that their pointing out towards 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock, respectively. Place your hands on either side of your left knee, and focus on keeping your shoulder blades moving together and down, lifting your sternum up and forward, and pulling your belly button back towards your spine. Breathe in and raise your right knee, shin and foot five to seven inches off the ground, separating your toes and much as possible. Exhale and extend your leg, and pull the leg back in on the inhale. You should repeat this 12 to 16 times before you switch to the left side.

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