6 Gift Ideas for the Minimalist in Your Life

Gifts are the best! But clutter? Not so much. Unfortunately the holiday season is riddled with gifts that will inevitably collect dust in the corner junk drawer. It’s a tough situation: throwing the gift away would be rude, but come on, how many fox sock puppets does a person really need?

Rather than thinking about what kind of ‘stuff’ you can get your loved ones, try taking the minimalist approach. Make everyone’s life easier and tidier by consciously trying to gift things that won’t clutter their lives for years to come. Here are 6 ideas to help you get rolling:

A subscription service

Whether it’s coffee, wine, dinner or audiobooks, there is a subscription service for almost everything. Think about what your minimalist is passionate about, and look for a service that provides in that area. Gifting a new subscription is fun, interesting and, most importantly, impermanent.

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A self-care basket

By making a unique self-care basket catered towards the person you are giving it to, you are showing someone you care while ideally giving them something they will actually use. My self-care basket would ideally include balsam essential oil, bath salts, a gift certificate for a massage, BeePowered honey, some Japanese green tea, single-origin dark chocolate, broccoli sprouting seeds, and a good book or jazz funk album, if anyone needs to know…  Think about what makes your person feel unique, healthy and indulgent and find small, suitable items to fit into their customized basket.

Tickets to a performance

I find concert tickets to be the perfect gift. They are meaningful, inspiring and don’t clutter the giftee’s house. Think musicals, plays, rock concerts, comedy nights, interesting talks and more. This type of gift is perfect for a good friend or loved one who will take you with them for a fun night on the town!

Enrollment in a class or workshop

We all love to learn new and interesting things. Maybe it’s a class in wine tasting or cooking homemade pad thai. Maybe it’s a workshop in creative writing, public speaking or jewelry welding. Or a day pass to the rock gym or a flight lesson or a guided fly fishing excursion. Gifting a class shows someone you care about their hobbies and interests and encourages them to grow.

A trip

Make an AirBnB reservation and take your loved one on a trip. It doesn’t have to be a flight to the Caribbean (although I’m sure no one would complain). You could drive to the nearest city and spend a night on the town, or fly somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. (For any who are keeping track, I’d graciously accept a trip out to Colorado anytime.) It can be as big of a trip as you want. Take an old friend to dinner in the nearby city or take your longterm partner to the other side of the world! Traveling is a gift in itself, no matter how far you go.

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Make them something (small)

Yes, they love you, but your minimalist probably doesn’t want the the life-sized bust of a fox that you made in sculpture class. Keep it small. If you are crafty, small items like earrings, personalized artwork and other such trinkets are a great idea. If you aren’t crafty, no one sneers at something delicious and homemade. Maybe it’s a pie. Maybe it is some homemade vanilla extract. Maybe it’s a beeswax candle. You are creative. Go make something.

Minimalist gifts can be more fun and more meaningful. Even if your loved one isn’t a minimalist, per se, separating the idea of gift giving from consumerist culture is a good thing. Think outside the big box store. Gift ideas, love and experiences this holiday season.

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