Get Your Sexual Swagger on: How to be Confident

If you want to be good in bed, the best way is to increase your sexual confidence. Your sexual wellness and wellbeing is inextricably linked to your emotions, and feeling confident makes you act confident, which in turn makes you very sexy and desirable.


Many people feel less than sexy at various points in their lives for one reason or another. Perhaps they feel that they are looking a bit older, or perhaps they have put on weight. Perhaps tiredness is getting in the way of their mojo or perhaps they are more wrinkled than they would like to be. It is all too easy for sex lives to become stagnant, and for one partner to then feel rejected and undesirable.


The best way to feel more desirable is to boost your self-esteem, and you can do this through positive thinking. Start by considering what you like best about yourself, whether that is a physical attribute or something about your personality that you think is great. It may even be the way that you juggle the responsibilities of your family life or deadlines at work.


Whatever your good qualities happen to be, you should take time to identify them and then make sure that you praise them every single day. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself and actively think positive ones. Look at yourself in the mirror and (mentally) tell yourself that you are great, awesome and sexy.


Making some kind of change in your life can also lead to great self-confidence. Something as small as a change of hairstyle or as big as a new job or as consuming as a new hobby can make you feel entirely different about yourself and about life. It can give you a fresh burst of energy and lead to renewed excitement about life and renewed excitement in the bedroom.

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