Sexy Things for You to Try Before You Die

As you get older, you start to look back on your sexual experiences and think about how they have shaped you into the person that you are today. Many people have fulfilling and varied sex lives in their early 20s, often with multiple partners, and their sexual wellness and wellbeing is rooted in this foundation of not taking sexual intimacy too seriously. For others, their sexual experience is limited to a few choice partners, but their experiences with them can be just as varied and rewarding (if not more so) than those who choose to be intimate with multiple partners.


Those who get married young may feel that they have missed out on a lot of ‘wild oat sewing’, but there is no need to feel this way. It is perfectly possible to have exciting and thrilling sexual experiences with your chosen life partner. There are certain things that people consider to be a sort of sexual ‘bucket list’ – sexy experiences to try before you die – but most of these can be achieved within a secure and loving relationship.


Some, of course, cannot. Sexual experiences such as kissing someone of the same gender, having a threesome or engaging in group sex are not generally considered a safe or appropriate part of a loving, monogamous relationship. Sex with a stranger is also out of the question, as is sex with someone much older or younger (unless your partner happens to be one of these options!)


You, can, however try many of the other options, such as trying anal sex, having phone sex, using sex toys and masturbating. You can also try options such as tying one another up, having sex in a public place, having sex in a car, having sex at a drive-in, and – of course – join the notorious mile-high club (where people have sex whilst on an aeroplane).

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