Hospital Jobs, where to apply and how to get them

Luckily Hospital jobs are widely available in every major city and town…. It just depends on whether you are looking for a job in an entry level position or something much higher up in the Hospital.

If you have only got a certain amount of education, i.e. you finished after high school then there are a lot of opportunities  for positions in hospitals as patient transporters, Food Services, and mail room support.  All of the above tend to be a very popular choice so don’t restrict yourself, remember, there is no harm in applying.

What these positions offer is the ability to ‘get your foot in the door’ of the world of Hospital Jobs.  They can also be a rewarding opportunity to earn an income if you are pursuing higher education.  Hospitals have to be one of the highest regarded ‘equal opportunity employer’.  A large majority of the entry level positions are open to mentally and physically challenged individuals who may struggle to find employment in other establishments.

One of the other benefits of Hospital Jobs is that most of them are offered on both Full-Time and Part-Time levels.  Of course it depends on the position you are looking to get but shifts normally cover either 20 or 40 hours per week.  However, it is important to remember that you will generally need to work some weekends and will normally include call schedules which may see you working through the night.

If you are leaning towards a residency or internships in a Hospital then get ready to work hours well in excess of the 40 you would get in the outside world.  You will also be expected to work every other weekend, nights and be available to be on-call.  On the flipside of this type of position the Office based Hospital Jobs tend to be a much more acceptable 20 or 40 hour week in sociable hours.

You could be looking towards becoming a Hospital Technician or Lab worker and these positions normally run in shifts covering early morning, afternoon & night time shifts.

If you have followed the education route in life then there are opportunities to forward your studies and experience.  There are nursing, and research positions available in most hospitals around the country.  These jobs tend to require a minimum level of skill but will be largely dependent on the position and can range from a nursing assistant through to a Laboratory Researcher.  On the administrative level, you could look towards secretarial or accounting through to Hospital Management if your education fits this kind of work.

There will also be Hospital Jobs available for PR, Marketing and higher finance positions depending on your qualifications.

If you have proceeded through an advanced degree in medicine then Well Done!  You are primed to get a Hospital Job as a physician.  These types of positions tend to offer opportunities to medical school graduates to train in specialist areas such as Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Surgery and internal medicine.  Once you have been through your internship and residency you may find that a position is offered at the place you trained.

Hospital Jobs are always in high demand and finding a specialist recruitment office within your local hospital.  If you are in America thenusing sites like can be very beneficial as they list all the latest positions in pretty much every hospital in the US.

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