Company Makes a Corporate Wellness Programme Great Fun

Keas is a small company in San Francisco that has put employee wellness and wellbeing at the heart of their organisation. This health tech startup company has produced a unique way for companies to boost employee health and productivity through a social service, and have turned over $26 million so far.

With corporate wellness being an increasingly important issue, the company has been founded by the previous head of Google Health, in an attempt to provide a health service that is centred around the idea of keeping healthy within the workplace.

In just one year, the company has doubled its number of registered users and has now raised additional funding which it aims to use to bring the service to an increased number of clients as well as producing new products to add to their portfolio.

Their aim is to make health a social and engaging issue for employees, and this is done through company-wide incentives where employees are encouraged to take their own wellness seriously and to help make changes to improve their lives. Set up as a workplace social network, the platform allows HR departments to keep employees in touch with schemes such as flu shots and other health initiatives, and employees themselves can also share updates in a social way about their wellness, such as their daily exercise or what they are going to be eating that day.

Employees are also divided into teams and the peer pressure is then useful in nudging them towards their health goals as they don’t want to let the team down.

Keas says that employees engage with the site on average 12 times per month, and user engagement is high. Keas can also be accessed through mobile phones, making it easier for employees to engage with the programme, and it also links in with other popular aps such as Runkeeper, LabCorp and Fitbit to help improve the employees’ wellness.

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