Could Your Children be at Risk of Suffering Heatstroke?

As the hotter weather arrives, an important area of family wellness to consider is how to ensure that your children cope with the heat. Obvious things like sun cream and sunhats can protect the wellness of their skin, but there are also other measures that you should be taking to ensure that they are protected from heatstroke, a rare but serious complication of spending too much time in the sun.

This advice comes directly from medical services after a baby boy was found dead in his parents’ car, after spending a prolongued period of time in the family vehicle, which was parked in a sunny spot outside their home. An autopsy later confirmed that the infant died as a result of heat exposure. This confirms the sad fact that heat can have a tremendously dangerous effect on the wellbeing of children, and the very young in particular.

To keep your children safe, it is important to keep an eye on the weather reports and make sure that you are prepared for any hot weather that is due to occur. Watch out for the symptoms of heat-related illness, which can include things like changes in behaviour (such as your child being more sleepy and lethargic than usual, or mood swings and temper tantrums), as well as dizziness, nausea or vomiting, fainting, complaining of headaches, rapid breathing and an increased heart rate, excessive thirst and a decreased urine output, with any urine being a strange dark yellow colour.

It is also vital that you never leave children alone inside a parked vehicle, whether or not it is in direct sunlight. Remember that even when it is around 23 degrees outside the vehicle, this can mean temperatures inside the vehicle of around 50 degrees without air conditioning. Make sure also that your children know not to play in or around your vehicle.


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