Warning: Women in their 30s and 40s Increased Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the biggest health concerns amongst both genders, but recent research has shown that women in their 30s and 40s should be especially concerned. Figures show that women in this age bracket are twice as likely to find their wellness affected by some type of cancer than men in the same age bracket. These official figures also showed that people who live in the North are at increased risk of suffering from the disease.

Breast cancer is the chief culprit with regards to these figures, as women in this age bracket are at an increased risk from the disease. Men tend to have comparatively good wellbeing at this age, but suffer from the more common male cancers in later life.

The figures come from the National Office of Statistics and show that breast cancer accounts for 30.7 of all female cancer cases, ahead of lung cancer which affects 11.6 per cent of all cancer victims and colorectal, which comes in at 11.2 percent of all cancer cases. In a reverse of this, figures also show that elderly men have much higher cancer rates than elderly women.

Men in the 65 – 69 bracket have a much higher chance of having cancer (37 percent higher) than women of the same age, and when men are over 85, they have a 63 percent higher chance of having cancer than their female counterparts.

Overall, you are statistically more likely to get cancer in old age, but there are still some younger men and women who contract it. Of these, women are statistically more at risk. If you are a man, however, your risk of getting cancer at some point in your lifetime is higher, and around 14 per cent of men will get cancer at some stage in their lives.


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