Condom Care: How to Stay Safe When Having Fun in the Sun

Fun in the sun is one thing, but do you really want to come home from your week abroad with a nasty STD or an unwanted pregnancy? According to Katie Fox, Sex and Relationship Expert at, being laid back and having a good time on holiday is important for your wellness, but that doesn’t mean you should put your sexual health at risk in the process. So how do you take care of your wellbeing when doing the horizontal tango this summer?

Firstly, chuck plenty of condoms into your suitcase. Even if you’re on the pill, taking a barrier method of contraception, like condoms, is a good idea because they’re by far the best all-round protection during sexual activity. When you’re on holiday, your pill can become less effective because you can experience stomach upsets due to changes in diet and other holiday excesses. Not only does that mean vomiting and/or diarrhoea, but perhaps an unwanted pregnancy. Plus, the contraceptive pill cannot protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

There’s no excuse not to get condoms, as I guarantee they will be widely available to buy from your local chemist and supermarket. If you still find buying condoms in person embarrassing, shop online and have them delivered in discreet packaging to your door before you go away. However, before you click and send, make sure you check the standard of the product. Condoms should always have a CE mark on the packet, as this means they’ve been tested to Europe’s high safety standard. It’s probably wisest to buy condoms in the UK before you travel, as this makes it more likely to find condoms with the CE mark.

If you find the condom conversation awkward, you can overcome this by choosing a condom that is designed for extra pleasure. Then you can broach the subject by saying something like: ‘I bought these great condoms that spice things up, let’s give them a try.’ Make sure you also pack water-based lubricant, as other ones will degrade the condom, as will substitutes like baby oil or sun cream. Finally, don’t leave your condoms in your beach bag as you’re tanning by the pool: condoms need to be stored in a cool, dry place, and should not be exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or fluorescent lights.

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