How to Plan a Memorable Funeral Service for Your Loved One

Funerals are not the most pleasant topic of conversation. Most people would rather avoid thinking about them at all. However, when a loved one passes away, grief can make it difficult to think clearly about all of the decisions that need to be made. That is why many people plan funeral services in advance.


Funeral or Memorial Service

Most families want some type of service where they can celebrate the life of their loved one. This is an important aspect of working through the grief associated with their loss. There are two main types of services. The first is a funeral service, which usually has the casket or urn of the deceased at the front of the room. Funerals are generally held within a few days of the person’s death and are often presided over by clergy members.


The other option is a memorial service. This service can take place any time after the person’s death, and generally does not have a casket or urn present. The family may choose to have pictures of their loved one instead. Memorial services can be held in any location, and anyone can preside over them. The compassionate professionals at West Palm Beach Funeral Memorial can guide families through the process of selecting the type of service to have.


Paying for Funeral Services

If planning a funeral in advance, the first consideration should be whether the person wishes to be buried or cremated. If they choose burial, then the cost of embalming, a cemetery plot, vault and headstone must be factored into the cost. If they choose cremation, the expenses are considerably less.


Most people have life insurance policies to cover the cost of these services. If an insurance policy is not in place, a person can set money aside in a burial trust account. They must name a beneficiary who will ensure that the funeral cost is covered.


Planning the Service

When planning the service, the most important aspect is to make it meaningful for the family and friends of the deceased. Allow time for them to express how their relationship was significant. Music can either be provided by family members or professional musicians.


Flowers are a traditional type of memorial gift. However, some families would prefer to have money donated to a charity that was significant to their loved one. This information should be posted in the obituary, so guests will be informed of their wishes.


Although it is difficult to talk about, thinking through funeral arrangements in advance will make it easier for the loved ones who are left behind. This will also help loved ones create a meaningful way to say goodbye and celebrate the life that was lived. funeral

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