Could Stress be Giving You Gastrointestinal Reflux?

If you suffer from health concerns associated with gastro reflux disease (GERD), you may have noticed that it acts up more when your mental and emotional wellness and wellbeing are under strain. You may have noticed, for example, that your GERD plays up at all the worst times, such as when you have a job interview, when you are giving a speech at a big event or when you are hosting a big family get together. This is most likely because stress can have a strong effect on the symptoms of reflux.


Unlike hot chilli sauce or orange juice, which are food triggers for reflux, stress cannot be easily avoided. There are some coping techniques that you can use to help settle your stomach, however, and you should remain aware of trying to lower your stress levels where possible, for your physical and emotional health. A survey was carried out which highlighted this link between stress and heartburn. During the study, women reported that stressful family situations made their symptoms worse, whilst men in the study said that long working hours or business trips made them more susceptible to the symptoms of acid reflux. Researchers also noted that exhaustion in particular was linked to a worsening of symptoms.


Adopting coping techniques is definitely the way forward when it comes to gastro reflux, and a vast number of other health conditions, as stress can also be linked to stroke, heart disease, obesity, depression and IBS. Coping techniques should always include exercise. Exercise helps to stimulate the release of the natural happy hormones. It also helps to loosen up tight muscles and gives you some thinking space just for you. Yoga, meditation or tai chi can also be helpful, as they may focus on the mind and get rid of all the busy thoughts that can build up problems into more than they are and make you feel stressed.

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