How Much Does Exercise Really Count?

Exercise doesn’t need to be a burdensome task, yet so many people treat it as though it is. While not every exercise is suitable for every body, and there is naturally going to be some pain when you’re working your body to the limit, the human body was designed to be used. It’s important to be physically active and move your body regularly, for both flexibility and to maintain a healthy weight. There are many modifiable lifestyle factors which lead to premature deaths around the world, the main ones being our diets, tobacco usage and physical activity. Once these aspects of your life are under control, you’ll notice an increased feeling of wellbeing and less risk of health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes. Avoiding these pillars of a healthy lifestyle could increase your risk of almost every chronic disease by as much as 80 percent and reduce your life expectancy. The power of your lifestyle goes far above and beyond any medication that the world can offer – drugs should be unnecessary if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, as you’ll be stronger and more able to fight off disease.


There is considerable benefit in exercising regularly, beyond the common associations such as a leaner body and improved stamina. As well as helping us to fight obesity and the related health complaints, such as stroke or diabetes, it can also keep our muscles working effectively, our bones stronger and our mood lifted. Research has confirmed that, on average, sitting more each day compared to keeping moving can increase our risk of premature death. And this doesn’t have to mean spending every waking moment at the gym – everything from swimming and aerobics, to walking and dancing can improve your health and fitness. It doesn’t need to be a chore – it’s all about finding something that you enjoy, that fits in with your lifestyle, and that you can do each week to burn calories and improve your wellbeing. Exercise you leave you feeling motivated, energetic and alert. And the more you do of it, the more you’ll notice these fantastic effects. Numerous studies have proven just how much our bodies benefit from regular exercise, yet so many people are reluctant to make it a part of their weekly routine. As active people, we should be celebrating our ability to move, run and jump – instead, we lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles that are quite literally killing us early.

If you’re new to exercise, it is important to take things slow to begin with so that you can acclimatise your body to extra exertion. However, once you’re fitter and more able, the world is your oyster – you’ll have so many options for ways to exercise. Why not mix it up and try something new each week? The general rule is if it gets your heart racing and your muscles moving then it counts. Check out your local fitness centre and see what they’re offering in the way of exercise classes – most local gyms provide a range, such as aerobics, dancing, boxing, swimming and football. It’s also a fantastic chance to socialise with people in your local area – you may even wish to pair up with a fitness buddy to workout with each week. Exercise is something that can seem tiresome and boring if you approach it in the wrong way. But once you change your outlook, you may find that it’s something that you really look forward to each week – the benefits will certainly keep you coming back for more.

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