Revealed: The Everyday Things That Make Your Skin Look Old

There are many things that age you, other than simply getting older. If you really want to find an anti-aging method that works, you would be well advised to focus on prevention, and on not doing the harmful little things that can degrade the wellness of your skin or the wellbeing of your eyes, and add years to your projected age.


One of the worst things you can do for your age is to squint. It is only natural that as you get older, your eyesight begins to go. Many people become nearsighted in middle age, and this is when other muscles around the eye come into play in an attempt to help you focus. As you use all these tiny muscles to squint and peer at things, you then make deep lines around the eyes which give your eyes a wrinkled and world-weary look. You can tackle these fine lines using Botox injections, but the best thing to do is to actually get your eyes checked. Sometimes a pair of glasses (or contacts) can allow the eye muscles to relax and you will then find that your skin is smoother and you look younger.


Having bad teeth is also terribly aging. Your teeth add structure and vertical height to your face. If you grind them, bite your nails, chew aggressively or if a diseased tooth has to be removed altogether, your facial skin becomes slacker than before. This, combined with the fact that your skin naturally loses its elasticity as you get older, can result in your skin sagging around your mouth, and the appearance of wrinkles. The best thing to do is to brush your teeth twice a day and go to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Remember to floss regularly too, and if you think you are grinding your teeth then a bite guard can also help.

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