How to Use the Wisdom of Ancient Therapies for Modern Issues

You may think that ancient complementary wellness practises are all in the past, but actually there are several alternative therapies still in use today. In fact, these methods have a great deal of prestige in many cultures, and are used to prevent various ailments and enhance overall wellbeing, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Let’s take a closer look at five of the most popular wellness therapies, and what they might be able to do for your wellness:


1. Hydrotherapy: Water is a natural part of your body, making up 69% of your chemical makeup. This is the thinking behind applying water as a therapeutic form of treatment to relieve stress, toxins, ailments and other diseases from your body. Known as hydrotherapy, the healing effect of water is used through the medium of hip baths, spinal baths, Jacuzzis, steam baths, saunas and sheet packs. Whether the water is cold or hot, it can invigorate your cells and help you to find relief from a number of health concerns, including bloating, gas, constipation, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, stress and migraines.


2. EFT Tapping: This is a form of physical therapy based on the fundamental principles of acupressure. A practitioner will apply pressure to the points along the Meridian System of your body, which is an energy channel “map” that connects all of your organ. The aim behind this is to positively influence the activity of the corresponding organs, and deal with negative feelings. EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques, which is the name given to the motion the practitioner uses. It basically involves rapidly tapping key body points with their finger tips to “alert” certain good energy flows. This therapy is perfect if you suffer from panic disorders, phobias, sadness, anger and frustration, but aren’t too keen on the idea of the needles used in acupuncture.


3. Yoga Therapy: This form of treatment is used to help cure mental and physical ailments while incorporating balance and tranquility throughout your entire body. Scientific procedures in carbon dating and astronomy verify that yoga therapy is between five and six thousand years old, meaning it contains ancient wisdom designed to help you relax and manage your daily stress. Yoga is also a great workout to include in your exercise regime, as it helps to enhance your fitness, flexibility and strength. In fact, many people have used yoga to deal with major health issues, including anxiety, depression, weight problems high blood pressure and even cancer.


4. Mud Therapy: This treatment dates back centuries as mud has long been associated with health and wellness. Mud is an integral part of the five elements known to aid the human body as it contains a variety of minerals that help to treat numerous diseases and skin conditions. Your nutrient-packed mud pack contains sulphur, bromide, magnesium and zinc to name just a few, all of which, when applied to your skin, strengthen your immune system, unclog your pores, eliminate toxins from your body, improve your blood circulation and repair your skin.


5. Meditation: If you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, extreme levels of pain, anxiety, depression or stress, meditation can help you to reduce your symptoms by more than 40%. This interesting form of healing therapy connects you to your inner self, helping you to focus on a particular object and learn to breathe in a healing way through the various techniques. According to recent studies, meditation has a vastly positive effect on ADD and ADHD, as the thinking process actually shows calming levels deep inside the brain tissue.

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