Age & Class: How to Grow Old as Gracefully as Possible

With all the anti aging products on the market nowadays, you could be forgiven for thinking that Britain has forgotten how to grow old gracefully. In actual fact, that is quite the reverse. Anti aging is about much more than simply clinging to a vision of youthfulness, it is about preserving your wellness and wellbeing as you grow older, ensuring that your body is in peak physical condition to help you cope with the challenges presented by all stages of your life.


First of all – aging is not a bad thing at all. Grey hair and laughter lines can be just as beautiful and sophisticated as any younger style, and so the most important thing to really change as you get older is your outlook. Start realising that old age is something to embrace, and you will also find that people react to you accordingly. If you act like you are past it, they will treat you as such!


There are also some really simple and almost obvious ways to help you keep some of the harmful effects of old age at bay, and these are things that you should start while you are still young. Firstly, make sure that you always wear sunscreen. The sun does enormous damage to your skin and eyes. When you are young, you will not see the effects as you will simply admire the golden glow that sitting in the sun all day provides, but believe me when you get older the damaging effects will start to show (and of course it is then too late to fix).


Secondly, don’t smoke. Not only is smoking terrible for your lungs and overall health (as well as your wallet!), cigarette smoking is terribly aging for your skin. It makes your skin more yellow and much more susceptible to germs and bacteria.


Too much alcohol can also be really bad for your body, so make sure that you only drink in moderation.

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