15 Reasons To Quit Cigarettes

Smoking’s a bad idea – it doesn’t take a genius to work that out. Unfortunately, despite the fact that so many people know that smoking is very bad for them, they still continue to do it. So, to give you a kick, here are the top 15 reasons to give up.

  1. It’s going to keep getting more and more expensive – and that’s because taxes on cigarettes are only going to continue to rise as anti-smoking governments want to push people away from tobacco for good. So if you want to avoid seeing less and less money in your pocket every year, it is time for you to give up.
  2. Cigarettes are covered in germs – that’s according to new research. And every cigarette that you find yourself smoking, it means that you are only going to be inhaling more germs into your lungs; not the best place for them to be. Give up and get rid of the germs.
  3. If you don’t want to have increasing troubles in the bedroom, it’s a good idea to give up smoking. That’s because it has been shown in a number of studies that smoking can effect circulation and mean you’ll have less blood flowing around your genitals. That can make it harder for both men and women to get sexually aroused.
  4. Giving up will make you sleep better. How does that work? Well, according to one study smokers are four times as likely to not feel rested after a night’s sleep. This is thought to be due to the effects of nicotine withdrawal on the body during the night.
  5. You’ll have less wrinkles.
  6. You might be able to get something out of your work for it. A number of companies now offer various incentives for giving up smoking. Talk to your HR manager about the different bonuses available for giving up smoking.
  7. You will generally save lots of money.
  8. You’ll enjoy your food a lot more. Smokers kill off their taste buds, while quitting allows them to grow back, which is a really top idea if you like to be able to taste the food that you eat.
  9. Non-smokers have stronger bones than smokers. This is especially important as we all get older as our bones naturally weaken with age anyway. Smoking only makes this problem worse as it means that your weak bones are made even weaker by the cigarettes that you smoke.
  10. Quitting is a good excuse for you to play more video games. According to one study, video games provide an excellent distraction from your cravings and can help fight off your addiction – so you’ve got an excuse when people question your new addiction to Grand Theft Auto.
  11. You will reduce the number of colds you get. For a number of different reasons including the aforementioned fact that you are more likely to be inhaling germs, and also because you’ll likely have to stand outside quite often, smokers are more likely to get colds that non-smokers.
  12. You’ll brighten your teeth up a lot. Cigarettes are well known for their ability to stain your teeth.
  13. Your circulation will improve. If you suffer from cold hands or feet it could be to do with a weak circulation because of smoking. So give up to warm up your fingers and toes.
  14. You reduce your risk of cancer and other dangerous diseases an awful lot.
  15. You’ll be less likely to burn down your own house. The burning embers of cigarette butts are a common cause of serious house fires.

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