How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen Everyday in 20 Minutes

Although cleaning up is the unquestionable downside to cooking at home, a clean kitchen is a huge part of complementary wellness and very important to your family’s wellbeing. You may embark on a deep-cleaning marathon every now and then, but who wants to waste their weekend being elbow-deep in marigolds and cleaning products? Instead, why not try our technique of cleaning the kitchen in manageable chunks of time? In fact, all you need is 20 minutes out of your day to keep your kitchen in wellness-shape. First, however, you need to take into account two important tips:


  • Adjust cleaning to fit your schedule: If there’s two of you living in the same house, fitting in the cleaning around your own schedule – rather than setting aside a whole Saturday to do it – can work wonders, as anyone, if you try hard enough, can set aside 20 minutes to clean, especially if there’s two of you doing it. If you don’t have 20 minutes all together, try doing tasks in parts so that you do 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 after your evening meal.
  • Set a timer: It’s easy to get distracted, especially at home. There’s always someone at the door, someone texting you, kids calling your name, work emails appearing in your inbox – is it any wonder you and your partner feel buried under chores?! Sometimes you just don’t get around to doing everything, but setting a timer can help to keep you on track. Set a timer for five minutes once you start an activity, and, if you get derailed during that time, the timer going off will bring you back and help you to refocus. Set the timer again until your 20 minute stint is over and done with.


Now you’ve got those helpful hints under your belt, it’s time to see how you can spend 20 minutes deep-cleaning your kitchen, and end up with a gorgeous sparkly room in no less than one month’s time:


Day 1: Wipe down the fronts of your large and small appliances.


Day 2: Clean your rubbish bin both inside and outside.


Day 3: Tidy cookbooks, aprons and towel and linen drawers.


Day 4: Wipe down any containers that you use for baking, such as flour and sugar storage boxes.


Day 5: Clean out your fridge, wipe down the shelves and tidy up the freezer.


Day 6: Give the fronts of your cabinets a wipe, dust and polish.


Day 7: Mop the floor.


Day 8: Wipe down the fronts of your large and small appliances (again!)


Day 9: Clean the top of your fridge and the inside of your utensil holders.


Day 10: Clean under your fridge and oven.


Day 11: Clean the seal on your dishwasher.


Day 12: Clean your kitchen windows, including the windowsills.


Day 13: Wipe down accessories and pictures.


Day 14: Mop the floor (again!)


Day 15: Wipe down the fronts of all appliances.


Day 16: Tidy your pantry, including canned goods, boxes and bags.


Day 17: Clean cleaning items, such as towels and sponges.


Day 18: Wipe down the shelves inside your cabinets.


Day 19: Wipe down the walls.


Day 20: Clean cabinet doors and range hood.


Day 21: Mop the floor.


Day 22: Wipe down the fronts of all your appliances.


Day 23: Organise your pots and pans.


Day 24: Scrub your sink and taps.


Day 25: Clean out your fridge, wipe down the shelves and tidy the freezer.


Day 26: Clean the inside of your microwave and oven.


Day 27: Wipe down the baseboards.


Day 28: Mop the floor.


Day 29: Wipe down the fronts of all your appliances.


Day 30: Dust your light fixtures and clean your switch plates and vent covers.

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