Ultimate Five Tips For Women To Stay Slim

Some women seem to be able to stay slim without trying while for others it is a very difficult thing to attempt to achieve and maintain that perfect weight and figure that they are looking for. Of course this is partly down to genetics, but in the case of many women it comes down to having the right information available in order to make smart decisions and stay slim. However, things can always change and sometimes it is only small changes that you need to make in your lifestyle in order to slim down. With that in mind, here are our top five tips for losing weight and keeping that slim figure that you want.


One – Weigh yourself regularly

Regularly weighing yourself is a great way to encourage yourself to lose weight and an important tool in showing your mind that your weight loss is working. If you’re looking for that extra piece of motivation, it’s a great thing to jump on the scales. If you’ve gained weight it shows you it is time to nip your bad habits in the bud and get serious, while when you’ve been dieting it is great positive reinforcement to see that your efforts are working and making a difference to your figure and your weight.


Two – Add more protein to your diet

Protein is one of the most important aspects of your diet as it is a great way to fill you up and keep you feeling full up for longer. Protein is also a great source of energy for your body – you need plenty of protein in your body if you want to build muscle or just tone it up. So if you want your sessions at the gym to make a difference it’s worth getting more protein in your life. There are plenty of easy ways to do it with lean meats such as chicken and turkey, or through nuts and legumes.


Three – Get your five a day

We all know the importance of getting fruit and vegetables in our diets, but it’s worth restating again that if you want to lose weight, you really do not to ramp up the number of portions of the good stuff that you get every day. Not only are fruits and vegetables low in calories and have virtually no bad fats at all, they are also packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals which are all really important for keeping you healthy. They fill you up and keep you in shape meaning they are the dieter’s dream food.


Four – Get more exercise

This might seem like another obvious one, but so many women seem to think that they can lose weight simply through altering their diet. Well, the bad news is that this simply isn’t true. If you want to slim down you’ll need to get into doing more exercise that you have been doing in the past – this will help you burn through the calories and stay slim for good. It is also well known that exercising produces endorphins and make you feel better about yourself so it really is a good idea to do more exercise.


Five – Eat out less often

Unfortunately while we all love to eat out in restaurants sometimes, it’s worth remembering that the reason the food tastes so good is because it is so often full of sugar, fat and salt, all of which is very bad for us. If you want to maintain your figure it’s essential you keep eating out to an absolute minimum and eating more often at home instead.

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