How to Treat an Injury Using Natural Methods

Everybody knows that hitting the gym or pounding the pavements can be great for your wellness and wellbeing; it improves fitness, tones muscles and helps to shed fat. The darker side to this, however, is that many people injure themselves in the course of taking exercise – especially when they are exercising for the first time after a break. Sprains, strains, tears and torn muscles are all commonplace, but fortunately mother nature provides us with all kinds of natural remedies to help us get back on the treadmill as soon as possible.


Acupuncture is commonly used, and whilst the idea of sticking needles into yourself may sound like a terrible idea, it is actually a very effective way to treat sports-related injuries. In particular, it is great for an inflammation of the heel and sole called plantar fasciitis, which is suffered by many runners. It can also be used to help treat rotator cuff injuries, which are generally caused by repetitive exercises such as lifting weights, rowing or playing tennis.


Massage is also a popular way to help treat injuries. Athletes use massage to improve the blood flow, reduce muscle spasms and decrease the build-up of lactic acid in the body. It is especially helpful for any kind of lower back injuries.


We always think of the benefits of putting ice on an injury, but warm can actually be even better than cold, when it comes to the healing process. Heat producing oils are often used to massage a painful area. These promote the circulation of blood, which helps the area to heal as quickly as possible.


Arnica is also an old favourite, generally used to promote healing and help to reduce bruising. It can be taken as a tablet or spray, internally, or rubbed directly onto the injured area in the form of a cream.

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