Sexual Health And The Difficulties Of Getting Older

Sometimes we associate getting older with a lack of intimacy and sexual passion in our lives. This is for a few reasons – for some reason it is deemed unacceptable to see older people being intimate together in the way that younger people are fine to be and perhaps it also to do with the more private natural of elder generations in society. It could also be related to the fact that sex becomes more difficult as we get older and there are increasing problems surrounding sexual intercourse that can be troublesome.


But this does not mean that all sexual feelings completely disappear as we get older – in fact they often still remain, and it is only this judgmental cliché that makes us think that older people cannot be passionate. But the truth of the matter is that of course they can, it can just be a little more difficult because there is a huge range of complications that can make it difficult. So the important this is to find ways to maintain the passion and spark that you have had your whole life. Here are the most important things to remember if you want to keep the passion in your life.


The number one thing that you need to remember if you want to keep love and sex as a priority in your life is that you should be regularly communication with your partner. Talking to your partner is the best way to air any doubt, worries or niggles that can eventually develop into something that is much larger. Set aside time to chat now and again and discuss sex. You can talk openly about what you want from your sex life and what they want from you. This can make the embarrassing process a little easier as you are both aware of each other’s desires and needs. And remember that you must be very honesty about the things that you are experiencing both physically and emotionally.


People of any age should be aware of how to practice safe sex, and remember that the things that you need to bear in mind will inevitably change as you get older. If you are past the stage of being able to conceive and have been with the same partner for a long time, it is fine to not use a condom as long as you are both free some sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But you must use a condom if you are going to be with a new partner, as you don’t know if they may have STIs and these can be very damaging for older people.


For men it is true that testosterone levels naturally take a dip as you get older. Testosterone is one of the most important factors in sex as it is one of the primary stimulants in a man’s body that makes him want to have sex. It is true that as men get older they are more likely to have erectile problems including that the penis may take longer and need more stimulation to get erect, and may only be able to achieve erections for a certain period of time. If this is afflicting you, it’s worth talking to your doctor about it.


For women there are many problems surrounding the onset of the menopause. Once again this is an issue that you can talk to your doctor about. For many women, the menopause is actually a good trait in terms of sex for the fact that it means they can have unprotected sex with their partner and not fear getting pregnant once again.

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