How To Emotionally Heal After Misdiagnosis

A misdiagnosis can force you to deal with several serious issues, including undergoing the wrong treatment and facing the possibility that you could be dying. For example, if someone is told that they have terminal cancer, this is essentially a death sentence. Finding out later that they never had cancer at all will be a relief, but it is also highly likely to cause them emotional harm. After all, going through the process of chemotherapy and facing your own mortality is very mentally and physically painful. Due to this, anyone who has dealt with a serious misdiagnosis will need to give themselves the proper time and resources to emotionally heal from the incident.


What are Some of the Negative Emotional Side Effects of a Misdiagnosis?

One Orlando medical malpractice lawyer states that, “estimates indicate that as many as 200,000 people lose their lives every year because of errors made by healthcare providers”. It is natural for anyone who has received a misdiagnosis to lose faith in their doctor and perhaps even the entire medical profession. Additionally, many patients that deal with this issue end up doubting themselves because they erroneously believe that they should have been able to determine that their doctor was wrong.

It is important to seek out a second opinion if you doubt your physician’s diagnosis, but you should not hold it against yourself if you did not have any reason to believe that they were incorrect. Sadly, a medical misdiagnosis can also fracture personal and professional relationships, especially if the experience caused you to leave your job or remove some people from your life.


How can I Begin the Process of Emotionally Healing from this Incident?

The most critical thing that you need to do is forgive yourself for any perceived personal failures that could have led to the misdiagnosis. Additionally, you should reach out to your important personal and professional contacts to let them know what happened. This can make it much easier for you to return to the workforce, and it will also provide you with some much-needed emotional support.

If you find yourself facing a lot of anxiety or depression issues, it is also a very good idea to speak to a professional counselor. Another vital step will be allowing a physician to treat you for whatever is actually wrong. Although it is understandable that you might feel uneasy about the medical profession as a whole, you will need to recover your ability to trust these professionals so that you can receive the necessary treatment.Taking steps to heal emotionally after a misdiagnosis is vital, but you should also carefully consider the financial burden that the doctor’s mistake has forced you to deal with. After all, if you have gone through an intensive treatment program, the odds are high that your insurance company has not paid for everything. Fortunately, you can contact a medical malpractice attorney to help you recover your expenses.

Keep in mind that it is always essential to work with a local lawyer because they will have a full understanding of every law that impacts their specific area. In other words, if the doctor who misdiagnosed you has their practice in Orlando, you should hire an attorney from the same city.
As a sufferer of an auto immune condition, writer Melanie Fleury is an advocate of being educated on your health. Trusting your doctor is a  big part of that. Not only does a misdiagnosis break your trust but, as Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, an Orlando medical malpractice lawyer says, the outcome can be devastating.


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