Alcohol And Mental Illness: There Is A Connection

Sadly, one of the most popular ways for someone coping with a mental health issue to ease their mental and emotional pain is by numbing these emotions with alcohol. These individuals who could benefit from other types of therapy find solace in a bottle. What is even more tragic is the knowledge that they may not even realize there is a problem until they have been arrested or injured from driving under the influence.

The problem with alcohol abuse is that it can also lead to additional forms of behaviors that will induce mental health issues. Many actions committed by someone under the influence leads the person to feel shame when they are sober. That shame then brings on a depression or becomes too hard to handle, so the person resorts to alcohol to cover the pain. It is a vicious circle that must be broken.

Driving Under the Influence
Any of these individuals suffering from a mental illness and treating with alcohol continue to drive. They believe that they do not have an alcohol problem, and therefore justify driving. Often referred to as functioning alcoholics, these drunk drivers are some of the most dangerous on the road. According to one DUI attorney San Bernardino based, a DUI often leads to license suspension, fines and even community service.

What makes them so dangerous? Their confidence level when they are driving drunk. In a recent study, it was discovered that confident intoxicated drivers caused more accidents, and had more deadly results than first time DUI offenders. Their “confidence” in their skill to drive, because they do not believe they have a drinking problem, allows them to justify irrational decisions behind the wheel without question.

Programs to Help
In San Bernardino, a state program is in place for individuals who have been caught driving under the influence. The program requires a series of courses that have to be taken before driving priviledges are reinstated.

The San Bernardino DUI program has been very successful in helping those who have a substance abuse problem and have been arrested for driving under the influence. However, it would probably be more useful to address these mental health and alcohol problem issues before a DUI arrest or conviction occurs. Family members and friends must be observant about their loved ones and make sure that they are not suffering quietly from mental health issues. If you notice that alcohol or drugs are being used to help them cope with problems, you need to act to find them the appropriate help.

You can make a difference in someone’s life by stepping up and addressing this issue in a calm and compassionate way These people know deep down there is a problem, and many times they are just waiting for someone to offer them help.

Author Bio:

Writer Melanie Fleury has several family members who suffer from mental illness. She has noticed that they also seem to drink more than other people in the family. She learned through the blog of a DUI attorney San Bernardino based, that driving under the influence has consequences beyond legal ones.

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