Vitamin G: Wellness In Your Garden

Vitamin ‘G’ is vital for maintaining your physical and mental wellness. But it’s not available from any food source, or in tablet form. Vitamin ‘G’ stands for Gardening.

Grounding – When you garden, you actually touch the earth’s surface. When you ground yourself, your stress hormone, cortisol, becomes levelled. The hormone helps control your sugar levels, controls your metabolism, and assists with forming memories.

Fresh air – Spending time in open green spaces where the air is fresh, clear and free from pollutants can lighten the body as well as your spirit, to improve overall wellness. Hugging a tree can also promote good health, as trees have powerful vibrational energies that beneficially affect your own biological processes.

Vitamin D – Exposure to summer sun lets you produce vitamin D in your skin, while warming sunlight promotes feelings of wellbeing – so much so, that its lack can lead to depression and physical illness.

Better mental health – Working in the garden reduces cortisol levels. Just sitting in a garden helps, too. Healing centres almost always add gardens to their facilities to help patients heal faster.

Immunity boost – Soil contains Mycobacterium vaccae, a ‘friendly’ form of bacteria which boosts immunity and increases levels of the happy chemical, serotonin, in the brain to reduce anxiety. The bacterium may be inhaled, or absorbed through the skin during direct contact with soil.

Working in the garden and watching it grow is a rewarding pastime in its own right, but gardening also offers the opportunity for private thinking, spending quality time with the family or socialising with friends – all important factors of a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Make sure you are getting enough of the vital vitamin G.

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