Life as a Business Owner: How to Balance for Success

Being a business owner is a large responsibility that requires a big time commitment. Because of this, it is common for these entrepreneurs to have a difficult time properly managing a sustainable balance between their work and personal lives. Unfortunately, failing to take the proper steps to be there for your family can lead to serious issues such as divorce. Therefore, every business owner who puts in a lot of hours each week should begin utilizing time saving techniques that will enable them to have a profitable company without sacrificing their personal happiness. The following are some tips that can enable you to spend less time at the office.


1. Hire an Assistant

It is understandable that business owners strive to keep their expenses as low as possible, but hiring even a part-time assistant could definitely remove some of the daily burden that makes it difficult to get home at a decent hour. As an added bonus, an assistant can tackle the tasks that you dread doing such as sorting through all of your calls and emails to prioritize them. In fact, they will be able to reply to emails and calls for you that do not require your personal input.


2. Outsource Your IT Needs 

Hosting all of your data on-site requires a lot of attention to detail, and you will also need time to make sure that everything runs smoothly at all times. However, you can outsource some of your IT needs by utilizing the services of a professional data center such as QTS Atlanta data centers to back up all of your critical information. In fact, data centers provide a higher level of uptime, and they also serve as a much safer storage facility for all of your customers’ sensitive data. Due to this, working with a data center can definitely free up some of your time. Fortunately, some companies have these useful facilities that can be found nationwide, and this will make it easy for you to find the right company to suit your needs.


3. Cross-Train Your Employees 

You need to ensure that your employees have been cross-trained in order to secure your company’s ability to deal with any unexpected situations. After all, if you or another member of your team suddenly becomes seriously injured or ill, the overall productivity of your business could severely suffer from a lack proper training throughout your entire staff. Additionally, making sure that multiple people can handle the same tasks will give you the opportunity to delegate more responsibilities so that you can spend some quality time with your family.


4. Institute a Workplace Wellness Program 

Promoting healthy behavior among your employees through a workplace wellness program has been proven to help reduce sick time, and this can definitely have a positive impact on your ability to go home for dinner each night. After all, offering healthy food options and utilizing healthy practices such as hosting walk and talk meetings will help improve everyone’s overall quality of life. This will result in increased energy, higher workplace morale and a more stable environment that will allow a business owner to work shorter days.


Although it might seem difficult to balance your work and personal lives on a daily basis, you can definitely make the entire process much easier by hiring an assistant, instituting a workplace wellness program, cross-training all of your employees and taking advantage of the opportunity to outsource some of your IT needs. These four techniques can make the difference between working 80 hours a week and having enough time to dedicate to your personal relationships so that your family life can run just as smoothly as your business.


Lisa Coleman shares some tips that can help a business owner with time management and ways to free time up for their family. She recently read online about the professionals at QTS Atlanta data centers and how they are equipped to provide custom data center, colocation and cloud services for a business.


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