Safe and Natural Teething Remedies for your Baby

Swollen gums, discomfort and crying can often accompany infants who are going through the teething process. While over-the-counter drugs can prove helpful, they can carry FDA warnings and unhealthy side effects with them. The following are natural ways to soothe and calm an infant during the painful teething months.


Teethers and Toys

Teething can start as early as three months in some infants. As your child’s teeth begin to push through their gums, and they begin to drool, you’ll want to find natural remedies that can bring them comfort. Teething rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. They can also be given to a child cold to numb and soothe the sore gum area.


Plush teething toys made from organic materials can also be child-friendly and aid in their entertainment. Whether you find an animal or fruit buddy teether toy, your child will find the materials fun to play with while they ease their pain and discomfort. Infants are also attracted to vibrant colors and shapes. Teething jewelry for moms can be another great way to capture your child’s attention when worn adorning your neck. The toys are also non-toxic and manufactured with the same materials from infant teething toys. Your little one will be mesmerized by the rainbow of shades.


Cold Foods

If you’ve incorporated solid foods into your baby’s diet, you can satisfy their hunger and soothe their gum pain with chilled foods such as yogurt, applesauce or frozen bagels. You can also place a spoon in the refrigerator and wait for it to chill. When it’s cold, you can place the utensil on their gums to relieve the discomfort. A chilled pacifier in the freezer can also be a welcome relief to an infant who is going through the teething process. Children also love the flavors of fruits and vegetables. A mesh feeding bag is a great way for your infant to enjoy a piece of frozen apple or banana and provide relief for their achy gums.



Gum Massage

Infants can become cranky with teething. Parents can relieve the pressure naturally with a clean finger. A gentle gum massage is an old-fashioned remedy that really works, and it can immediately ease the pain and discomfort accompanied by teething. With a clean finger, you can gently apply pressure back and forth over the sore gum. You can also run your finger under cold water before beginning the massage.




A cold or frozen washcloth can also be especially comforting when dipped in a variety of liquids. Whether you dip the soft and organic material in breast-milk, formula, water or chamomile tea before placing in the freezer, the cold material can be a welcoming relief to their pain.



The crankiness that accompanies this painful phase is enough to worry parents and send them running to the nearest drugstore for relief. While teething is a natural stage in an infant’s life, you want to find natural remedies to ease their sore gums and mouth. In addition to providing pain relief, infant gum massage, teethers and chilled foods are a natural way to keep your infant toxic-free and healthy.


As a mother of 4 Lisa Coleman understands the fussiness and irritability that can accompany teething in our little ones. She found teething rings such as ones found at to be extremely helpful for her teething children.

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